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Writer, Producer, Engineer: Charles Griffin Gibson
Guitar, Drum Machine, Keyboards, Vocals: Charles Griffin Gibson

Equipment: The inboard microphone of a 2010 MacBook Pro
Instruments: Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar and Tambourine
DAW: GarageBand

Mixing: Charles Griffin Gibson
Mastering: Benjamin Shaw

Cover: A handmade collage by Charles Griffin Gibson

Spotify: tinyurl.com/hgzue6e

Band Shirt: yesyesyes.spreadshirt.com

Special thanks to Marissa Fasano, David Carter, Andrew Piccone, James Knutila, Andrew Gerlicz and Shayna Engle.

Note: This album was written and recorded in a sweaty Manhattan apartment while I was unemployed for three weeks. I made the album artwork on the Fourth of July when I was stuck inside with no one to hang out with.


released July 4, 2010



all rights reserved


CHUCK New York, New York

Music by Charles Griffin Gibson.

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Track Name: Sitting
Here come on give me your hand / We’re tipping the scales again / This is the fattest I’ve ever been / Sitting around thinking about being thin / Sitting around thinking about what it would be like to be thin / And now you’re at the gates again / Your first day on the lamb / No school, teachers, or plans / Sitting around thinking about being a man / Sitting around thinking about what it would be like to be a man / Staring across the ridge / From the top of the Tri-borough bridge / You could probably make it to Venus / Walking around thinking about what it would be like if you just ran / What if you just ran / Just like your old man / What if you just ran
Track Name: Streets
I’m living in a ghost town / Where nobody carries their mouth / And the buildings are falling down / But you were there to talk about / The way the new girl twists and shouts / This club makes you wish you were from a bigger town / And today / My cares all blew away / And today / You saw her face / Walking down the avenue / Iced coffee mixes with perfume / The dogs are barking throughout the afternoon / You step over a short woman / A fat guy bends and rips his pants / And you’re just happy that it wasn’t you / And today / You don’t have your mace / And today / You’re winning the big race / And now that you’ve found your space
Track Name: Days
I’m waking up in your room on a Saturday / And on Sunday / The sky turned grey / I’m quitting cigarettes on a Monday / And on Tuesday / Smoke one in my living mess / It’s hard to see your own face / When you deal with things day to day / I’m working fourteen hours on a Wednesday / And on Thursday / Hung over from the night before / I’m out at a bar on Friday / I meet you / And we go back to your place / Usually things are what they seem / I think I am living in a dream
Track Name: Lower East Side
Lower east side / Lower east side / Girls in bars / And girls on bikes / They won’t show you any respect / Unless you are from Connecticut / Punk in cars / Punks on trains / Punk with tatoos / Of aeroplanes / They will ask you if you suck dick / But they won’t ask when they call you a faggot / Lower east side / Lower east side
Track Name: Moving
The sky / Filled up / In your eyes / Never enough / Well surprise / Good luck / Open your thighs / And act tough / Now it’s the time / For love / Now it’s the time / Look out above / Your broom / Is breaking up / Balloons / And Christmas stuff / And the perfume / From one of the girls / That you knew / Twists and twirls / Now it’s the time / For you / Now it’s the time / To pick up your room
Track Name: Time
Time is a friend / That you can depend / On stealing money / From your wallet and pants / And time is a curse / It’s a big dumb black hearse / It takes you for a ride / Then leaves you in the dirt / A baby was born / A mother she died / A fat guy he lied / And an innocent criminal tried / Teenagers in cars / Driving past bars / That stare as they pass / Ready for their first scars / Grandparents sing / Ice cream trucks ring / Summer is here / Then on to the next thing / A movie was made / A neighborhood sprayed / A college kid dreamt of being laid and paid / A lullaby blows / Through Times Square through smoke / A vacation spent / On weed and coke / A young girl looks at / The clocks on the wall / With blurry vision / Because you can’t be bald / If you never had hair / To lose at all / This second you’re here / Enjoy that is all you can / Do
Track Name: Verbs
Starting / Ending / Parting / Pretending / Drinking / Thinking / Feeling / And not feeling / Yeah / Eating / Feeding / Leading / Breeding / Loving / Something / Working / And not working / No / Sleeping / Weeping / Creeping / Searching / Finding / Losing / Growing / And not growing / Go
Track Name: Relationships
On Union Avenue / You walk by me and I cocoon / Everything turns black and white around you / Gonna go pay my rent / Now all my money’s spent / On fireworks for the big event / And that event / Is you / What is happening to all my friends / Wedding rings and prison tans / Dancing at the fire hall to 50 Cent / Should I go and follow them / Find a girl and settle in / I forget all of this the moment you walk in / I want you / I want you / All I need is for some time / To write a song to open the blinds / And look out the windows at the cheap salloons / But I’ll give up my time alone / Drinking while I’m on the phone / For drawing tigers fighting blonde women / With you / With you
Track Name: Cars
This is the happiest I’ve ever been / This is the warmest coat of snakeskin / There is a highway behind the wind / Full of cars and people drivin‘ / Believin‘ / Breathin‘ / Singin‘ / A Phil Collins track / Your New Jersey plates give me a grin / When I see you drive up the road / Comin‘ / Today we drive for the fun of it / Go to Cedar Crest park and shoot / The shit / With me / Honey / We’ll never do this again / Years later I’m in my car / Sussudio blasting through the windows of a bar / All I hear are shooting stars / Summer air kept in jars / You let / Your Grandmother / Keep in her car
Track Name: Drinking
I drink / A beer / For the new year / For the new year / I drink / A beer / Because you’re here / At the South Street Pier / We drink / All day / And then get out of here / Then get out of here / To go drink / At a bar / To go yell and cheer / Happy cause we’re here / Still drinking as the sun appears / He drinks / Each night / To help his career / While he’s hunting deer / She drinks / All day / Hanging from a mere / Brazilian brazere / And we drink / For the fun / Of losing the fear / Night skies are smeared / So drink / If you want / But be aware my dear / The rollercoaster’s here / Come on let’s disappear
Track Name: Money
Ride around in your expensive cars / With your expensive champagne colored scarves / Pay someone to walk all of your dogs / And sit around and drink with the stars / This is your dream / That you dream / When you’re working / In a store on Fifth Avenue / With the three thousand dollar shoes / Hi I’m Nancy I’m here to help you out / I’ll show you what Saks is all about / I wake up at 5am to give my lips this pout / With the cherry red lipstick made of trout / One day / I’ll own / Some lipstick / Of my own / In my diamond purse / They’ll clack against both of my Iphones / Hippies on the street after the day is done / Splattering fur coats with paint for fun / Suits are running away from a swarm of bums / Cooking up hot dogs without buns / And money is a thing that you’d like to think means nothing / Well just wait / The kids / Are crying / For Harvard University / The world doesn’t work like some sort of tribal society / So go live in the woods / Or live in the big city / Where nothing is free
Track Name: The Internet
Check the computer / For some trace of danger / That you can read about / In your underwear / Send a lewd email / To the boys from East Hills / And let em‘ know / You wanna be there / You wish you could be back there / Read a term paper / Write a short prayer / Look up the history / Of M.C. Escher’s stairs / Porn on call / Pink Floyd’s The Wall / A picture of your sister / At the Franklin Mills mall / The internet is a big clear wall / The internet connects us all / The internet is a black hole / Use it for work / Spy on a jerk / That you live to be more successful than / Digital paintings / Violin strings / Most things wouldn’t happen without it’s hands / Chatting with girls who claim to be X-Men / Selling your dad’s wedding ring / Videos of rappers with expensive things / Bus tickets home from Barton Springs
Track Name: Movies
James Dean bleeds on the movie screen / Squinting as he brandishes a smile / Natalie Wood cries / Her father lies / The crowd cries too for a while / Moving stories / Characters with fleas / Make people think about their lives / I am James Dean / She is Natalie / Running the three minute mile / Driving cars off the cliff in style / Union Square 14th St. Griffith Observatory are the same tonight / Let’s go to Best Buy / Buy a movie / Watching Cape Fear on the flight / Picture us in Rome / Runnin‘ ‘round with ice cream cones / Audrey Hepburn in the 60’s / I feel like James Dean / You look like Natalie / It feels like we’re in our own movie / Why can’t life be a movie / Runnin‘ through the halls of your high school / The cool kid / With the pool / Swimmin‘ through the beaches of France / The playboy / Who can dance / I am James Dean / She is Natalie / A real life romance / Movies are on the screen / We are in between / Reality is more exciting / Kissing fighting fucking / On the runway of Fashion Week / The model who used to be a geek / Getting the Nobel Prize in Germany / The artist / Poppin‘ bubbly / I feel like James Dean / You look like Natalie / Let’s forget the movies tonight / Look into my eyes / I have a surprise / I’m a real human being of might / We’ve both got hair, toes, and overbites
Track Name: Home
You say that you’re from Boston / Hometown hero from Austin / Is it true that she got lost in / The city streets of Compton / Eyes and windows watchin‘ / Houses are all flauntin‘ / Proud to be cemented in the ground / You feel like a dog stuck at the pound/ Mike is back on the road / Movin‘ back to Barstow / Quit his job for so and so / So he can watch the wind blow / Turn his dad’s basement into a lounge / A suitcase with his ex-wife’s wedding gown / When people ask where she’s from / She stutters like a stun gun / Well I’m from America / Well Sally that’s not good enough / Who is your favorite team on the pitcher’s mound / Don’t you have somewhere to which you are bound / She said well I guess I’m from around / Cashiers at Rite Aid / Mumbling as you pay / Maybe home towns aren’t great / All the grandfathers say / This country is about following the sound / Of a locomotive train / Lost and found
Track Name: Bodies
Your brain pulsing / You can’t comprehend / Your hair shaved / In the punk band / Your hand sweatin‘ / In another hand / Your wrists tight / As you take a stand / Your bones growin‘ / You’re almost a man / Your chest dirty / The soil you’ve slammed / Your heart aches Maryanne / Your ever dwindling attention span / Your lungs sore from yelling at Elton Brand / Your toes slidin‘ / In the quicksand / Your stumoch hungry for food that isn’t canned / Your body movin‘ / Across the vast land / In search of someone who understands / Your heart aches Maryanne / Your heart takes Maryanne / Your heart breaks Maryanne
Track Name: Family (Final)
Being the only son of a plumber’s family / Asleep on the bus holding onto a memory / Checkbooks and bills watchin‘ your hard earned money / Your uncle’s cigarette butts out on the Christmas tree / Limos with Madonna on MTV / Sunday morning papers and iced tea / Sleeping with a woman you can’t believe / Could be dumb enough to let the mouse you caught go free / Honey sit down have a drink with me / Clothes, dogs, jobs, cars and coffee / In Central Park I look at the kids and I see / A bunch of little brats from some Italian movie / And when I look in their eyes / They look in my eyes / Mesmerized / In the United States of America / New York, New England, LA, Pennsylvania / Families at the dinner table blah blah blah / 17 year old boys texting Amanda / Talking back / Holding onto their bag of smack / Behind dad’s back / His first cigarette at the party / Kids smoking blunts in Mercedes / Hip-hop, hot tubs, moonlit jewelry / Dancing with a girl named Becky / And her Blackberry / Fell in the grass / She missed the last call from her Mom / Pukin‘ at the rock at the back road / Screams and shouts blowin‘ through the neighbors window / Garage doors with lightning bugs in a glow / Your first cigarettes flying out the back window / The black widows / The musty roads / The grass that grows / The lord who knows / The girls who sew / The men who mow / The wind that blows / The sails around / Mothers sitting in the dark angrily / As kids come home drunk after the prom party / Fathers asleep in their tool sheds cozily / Who do I love more my friends or my family? / Sons becoming fathers brazenly / Cousins thinkin‘ their cousins are lazy / Husbands and wives waking up to their baby / Screaming in the night / In the light / For someone / For anyone