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released March 31, 2011

Writer, Producer, Engineer: Charles Griffin Gibson
Guitars, Drum Machine, Keyboards, Vocals: Charles Griffin Gibson

Equipment: Blue Yeti USB Microphone
Instruments: Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar, Small child’s guitar from Kohls, Tambourine and Garageband Instruments
DAW: GarageBand

Mixing: Charles Griffin Gibson
Mastering: Benjamin Shaw

Cover: Charles Griffin Gibson


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CHUCK New York, New York

Music by Charles Griffin Gibson.

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Track Name: Kelly
Kelly wakes up at her place / Her pillow stuck to her face / With some guy from the night before / His underwear on the floor / She can’t remember his name / But that’s okay / She wants to write a book / Kelly wants to cook / Classes at the YMCA / Maybe she’ll act in a play / Photos at the grocery store / No drinking, no drugs, anymore / Kelly wants to change / Kelly rearrange / Everything is the same / Who’s to blame? / Kelly grew up in the burbs / Here Mom and Dad are jerks / She drove her car to LA / Gets drunk and pukes by the bay / Quitting things is hard to do / Lying through and through / Got kicked out of her band / Tatooed her hand / Her poems are the worst / She always ends up hurt / Yagerbombs at the bar / She’s a falling star / Kelly wants to change / Kelly rearrange / Everything stays the same / Who’s to blame?
Track Name: Pictures
Paint cans and family names / Ex-boyfriends, old apartments / Photographs you took today / Trying to not forget / European girls at clubs in Midtown / Smoking cigarettes / Another birthday / Your sister is insane / The flashes on her face / Old shoes and eye glass frames / The past is a present now / Moonlight through windowpanes / So come on lets go swimming now / At the beach / In the dark, hot night / Taking a leak by the BQE and / The sound of your own name / As you speak / Your shoes and pants halfway on / Drunkenly asleep / You think to yourself now / Biking home in the rain
Track Name: Alcohol
You've been trying / So hard / Spitting doubles out / In the back of a bar / You're chances are wearing thin / The shoes you sold / In Manhattan / Secrets are buried deep / Middle aged women / Fast asleep / A guy you knew in college / Your old bus stop / Kids and marriage / So you can't stop spying / Clawing and climbing / Home alone smoking / The bars don't stay open for anyone / You live your life in a dream / San Antonio / Magazines / Singers who never made it / Cheerleaders / Who just can't quit / Movies and bubble gum / Making 20 bucks / On the run / You say it's just one more beer / One more double shot / Of Everclear / But things are burning / The world is turning / You can't stop relearning / The subway doesn't wait for anyone
Track Name: The Deep End
Sitting in the basement of a friend / I feel the cold wind / And we're all looking for a way out of town / While we're in the deep end / Of the pool / Dry your hair / After the swim / Standing out in your backyard / Bruised and scarred / Your Mom staring through the window of her room / Angry that she's bored / She's bored / Dry your eyes / After the swim / In the pool / In the pool / In the pool / In the pool
Track Name: Driving
Living on a beach at the shore / A city of sand is a chore / Watching TV is such a bore / Drinking red wine I'm sure / I'm sure we can drink much more / Your comb sticking out of your right hand / A book you can't understand / Wondering a few hours in the can / If she's made out of sand / Can't stop talking about her summer tan / I'm driving / I'm driving / I'm driving / Through Long Island / I'm driving / Fireworks on the fourth of July / America you're my bride / Rooftops and Hallways without light / Beer cans blow out of sight / I'll wake up tomorrow night / Tell me what your parents said / The stray dogs you have fed / The freckles on your forehead / The sheets on your old bed / Naked and drenched with sweat / I'm driving / I'm driving / I'm driving / Through Long Island / I'm trying
Track Name: Clarissa
The slam of the back porch door / Report cards on the floor / Your first fight with Clarissa / Your last night with Clarissa / Pull down the window shades / Strangers living in a play / Your first night with Clarissa / Your last fight with Clarissa / Baseball games on the TV / Chinese food down on route three / Driving around / She knows you miss her / Another drunken night / With Clarissa / The blow dryer she used to use / Conditioner and old shampoo / Showering / With Clarissa / Sunglasses / At the beach / In the winter / Kids are all in the backyard / Birthdays are really hard / Working memories / Are like pictures / What's the point / Sweatpants and sweatshirts / Clarissa's Toyota / At the church
Track Name: Camel Lights
Newspapers in / You're older than you've ever been / October night / Slowly mixing beer and gin / Route 22 / To the mall / To anywhere worth going / In Palmer park / After dark / Fog crawls back in / A new shirt and a tie / Suns and stars and years go by / You never ask why / She takes a rest / In the rocking chair preying outside / Hand on her chest / Sucking down another Camel Light / You pretend to sleep / Wide awake long after saying goodnight / Rememberin' / The forgotten paintings you've been in / A new shirt and a tie / Suns and stars and years go by / You never ask why / We barely scrape by
Track Name: Grow Up
Ride around in New Jersey / In a diner on Grove Street / In a green Jeep cherokee / With an old Mix CD / You see a girl you used to know / You've seen her sheets and her pillow / Sorority girls take you home / Drunk at the OBT / Will you remember me? / On a couch smoking weed / Too high to go do your laundry / Stuck inside another dream / In your old Flyers tee / Watch another TV show / Permanently in slo-mo / Another bottle of Jim Crow / At another house party / Will you remember me? / Now it's time to grow / Now it's time to grow / Now it's time to grow / Up / I'm just too busy for some things / Too busy at a desk working / New hair cut and a pair of jeans / Shopping at the Old Navy / Things at work are kinda slow / Computer games, a lawn to mow / Another Saturday Bordeaux / Looking down your favorite street / Will you remember me? / You're cheating has become discrete / Cigarettes under car seats / Condoms behind old TVs / On a June weekend retreat / You see a friend you used to know / In line at a stupid broadway show / You stare at him through a cab window / At his kids and wife Stacy / WIll you remember me / Now it's time to slow / Now it's time to slow / Now it's time to slow / Down
Track Name: Dreams
You don't know what you'll / Find there / Buried underneath bulky clothes / Another Summer spent in Dad's chair / Hypnotized by old videos / You dream / You have dreams / Within other dreams / Too old / It seems / To believe in dreams / Wake up it's a new day / Your Mom's at work until 10 / Girls with braces at the mall / Standing in packs laughing / They dream / They have dreams / Within other dreams / Too scared / It seems / To take them seriously / Drive by the old Wendy's / And park under the shaded trees / Take out your cigarettes / Wipe off your dirty knees / We dream / We have dreams / Within other dreams / Too blank / It seems / To care about our dreams / In bed under moonlight / You dance on my bedroom floor / You wash all my coffee mugs / Hang your towel on my bathroom door / I dream / I have dreams / Within other dreams / Too drunk / It seems / To believe in those things
Track Name: Spring
Call off all your plans / The spring has come again / Living our lives / In empty cans / Woman and man / All love stricken / Running down high ways / Hand in hand / The sun is shining / You are smiling / The past behind us / The future will guide us / Swimming in the lakes / No more mistakes / We're gonna hit the road / Foot off the breaks / San Francisco Bay / Golden Gate parade / Banners with your name / In spray paint / The sun is shining / You are smiling / The past behind us / The future will guide us
Track Name: Adults
Hey I'm a movie producer / I swear I didn't introduce her / To all those designer drugs / Hey I'm a master seducer / Women, jet skis, Simon, Schuster / I've got a million bucks / So come on down to Cape Cod with me / Picnicing on Sandy Neck beach / You'll feel like you're in love / Supermodels at the clubs / Celebrities expensive rugs / Hey I'm a TV repair man / Driving around in a white van / Hanging around with my thugs / Standing outside in the winter / Cigarettes hands full of splinters / Whistling towards women's shrugs / Driving home in the tunnel / Whistling I hear a rumble / Something wrong with my truck / I'm running out of luck / Who really gives a fuck? / Hey I'm a brand new baby / Looking at some old lady / She won't stop picking me up / I don't know where I am now / I don't know what's around / I don't know quite a lot / All alone in my crib now / Starry sky I hear a sound / Cars driving in the dark / Dogs barking in the park / My life is a question mark
Track Name: Blinded
Thinking about all the books you read / Or at least the ones / You claimed you did / Drinking on dirt roads, in a creek bed / Climbing up a tree / You see the railroad thread / Well I've been blinded / But at least I'm fed / So close minded / Lazy and stupid / Blinking at the sun in the afternoon / As it sinks in to the grass / Here comes the moon / Shrinking to the size / Of a soup spoon / The world is asleep / Except for the men in the salloon / Well I've been blinded / But at least I'm fed / So close minded / Lazy and stupid / You look like a brand new person / In a brand new jean jacket
Track Name: Bike Helmet
Come on / Let's get out of this state / Come on / I don't want to complain / Sprinting down 8th Avenue / What have you always wanted to do? / Because your life's a thread / Wrinkled on your forehead / The years play in reverse / You are my bike helmet / Come on / I've just I've had a bad day / Come on / Let's look at the milky way / Dancing in the clubs you go to / Sunday morning back tattoos / Because your life's a thread / Wrinkled on your forehead / The years play in reverse / You are my bike helmet / The crowd begins to sling / Pears at the fruit market / If you keep reminding me / I'll keep an eye on it
Track Name: Religion
Well you have stopped to think about it? / What you've done with your hands / The toppled over garbage cans / Teenagers at school fightin' / Well can't you feel it? / Flowing through the tireless wind / The memories you're makin' / The buildings that you've lived in / Well there's no need to shout / This land is your old friend / The cars splash puddles when / The rain washes us again / Well I'm gonna sit here and wonder about it / What is your religion? / The dreams stuck in prisons / People aimless like pigeons / Remember and forget some things / Ideas and people swimming / Underwater breathing / Enjoy all the women / A new born or has been / Haulin’ ass towards Boston / Patiently preyin’ / You're spirit is stayin' / Laying down ain't an option / In love or heartbroken / Patiently preyin’ / You're spirit is stayin' / Putting out ain’t an option / In the slums or lavish mansions / Patiently preyin’ / You're spirit is stayin' / Giving up ain’t an option / 99’ this summer's got you pinned / Patiently preyin’ / You're spirit is stayin / I don't need no religion / All I see are people livin' / Taking pictures of anything / Constantly growin' / Blacked out in Hoboken / In a new office workin’ / Eternal unknowing / The winter snow blowin’ / The baseballs throwin’ / The full moon glowin’ / Waking up in the mornin’ / I don't know why but you keep going / I don't know why but I keep going